UBC and McCombs

Each college at the University of Texas has a Council where undergraduate students represent and advocate for the college has a whole. The Undergraduate Business Council was founded to serve as the connection between the students, faculty, and administration of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. We put on a wide range of events that serve the student body in a multitude of ways. In the past-year we have had talks by form Goldman Sachs Executive, hosted a Mental Health Awareness Week, and heard from current UT professors about their groundbreaking research. The Undergraduate Business Council serves as a place were motivated and unique students and work for the betterment of McCombs and the University of Texas.  

Membership to UBC

Council also holds many benefits for its members. In the McCombs building UBC has a room (The Frito) in which our members can relax between classes or stay at late studying or socializing. As a member of Council you gain an entire group of unique friends that want to see you succeed and will do anything to help you out. To find out what Council means to current members download our iOS app and read their testimonies!

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