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There are three ways to become a member of the Undergraduate Business Council: First Year Leadership, Elected Representative, and Organization Representative. 

First Year Leadership 


First Year Leadership (FYL) is a program open to freshman and sophomores within the McCombs School of Business. As a FYL member, you will learn how to drive change on campus through internal and external programming. You do this alongside the rest of your diverse cohort, many of whom are figuring out college at the same time as you. To become a FYL member, download our application (on the next page).

Elected Rep


Elected Representatives (ER) represent each individual grade level within McCombs, excluding first-years. Each grade has three students representing them on Council each year. As an ER, you are expected to not only direct beneficial change for McCombs through programming, but also act in support of the specific interests of the McCombs’ student body. To become an ER, you must be elected by your peers in your grade. Sign-up to put your name on the 2020 ballot (on the next page).

Organization Rep


​Organization Representatives (OR) represent various student-led organizations in McCombs. Being an OR offers you the opportunity to advocate for your organization in a larger community while leading the change you want to see in McCombs through UBC. To become an OR, you must be selected by your organization and go through the UBC application process. Download the OR application (on the next page).

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