There are three ways to become a member of the Undergraduate Business Council: First Year Leadership, Elected Rep, and Organization Rep. 

First Year Leadership (FYL) is open to application from freshman and sophomores within the McCombs School of Business. As FYL on will learn to lead change on campus and also gain an incredible group of friends, many of who are trying to figure out college at the same time as you. To become FYL start by submitting and application (on the next page). 

First Year Leadership 

Elected Rep (ER) represent each individual grade level within McCombs excluding first-years. To become ER one most be elected by their peers within their grade. Each grade has three students representing them on Council each year. As an ER you are expected to not only lead change but act in the specific interests of the student body of McCombs. To become ER sign-up to put on the ballot on the next page. 

Elected Rep

Organization Rep (OR) represent various student-led organization on campus that serve the McCombs student body. To become an OR one must be selected by their organization and apply to be on Council where they are selected. Being an OR offers the chance to advocate for your organization on a larger stage and lead change you want to see in McCombs. 

Organization Rep

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