The Undergraduate Business Council seeks to connect McCombs to offer a diverse and important set of experience to all students. Our focus breaksdown into creating a community for our members and empowering our members to become leaders on campus.

Our Community

We create a strong community among our 100 members through various social and academic events throughout the year.


In a typical semester meetings are held every Wednesday night from 8:00 to 10:00 in McCombs. All 100 of us gather to discuss our actions on campus and have a good time.


At semi-formal all UBC members gather to share food, stories, and laughs. Typically this is held at the end of fall semester.


A committee in UBC specifically dedicated to making members laugh and have fun. They come up with skits, competition, and other shenanigans.


UBC hosts a wide range of events throughout the semester that encourage students to learn more not just about UT and McCombs, but a wide range of subjects. 

Mental Health Week

We take mental health at UT very seriously. We hope to help students with their mental health through a week-long event that has different activities and discussions. 


Committees form the building blocks of UBC. Here you will help spearhead both internal and external projects that cover everything that UBC does.  

Our Leadership

UBC gives every single members the chance to grow as a leader on campus. We offer guidance in support to create substantive change.


Every UBC member is required to serve on at least one committee. This range from event specific to year-long obligations and offer everyone involved the chance to lead.

Executive Board

The leaders of UBC serve on Executive Board. Each member is elected by our Council and then oversees the Chairs of each committee on the Council. 


UBC is a member of a larger campus community from all colleges. We represent the McCombs interests not just to administration but to other College Councils as well.

© 2018 by The Undergraduate Business Council. Proudly created with Wix.com

© 2018 by The Undergraduate Business Council. Proudly created with Wix.com

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