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An overview of the wide range of events that UBC offers McCombs students.

VIP Speaker Series

At VIPs, C-suite executives are invited to speak with McCombs students about their experiences and offer career-oriented advice.

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Recent VIP Speakers


Paul Knopp

The current Chairman & CEO at KMPG US. Came and spoke to McCombs in April 2022.

find out about some of our past VIP speakers


Amy Simmons

Founder & CEO of Amy's Ice Creams. Came and spoke to McCombs in February 2022.


Salman Khan

The founder of the Khan Academy learning tool. Spoke virtually to McCombs in April 2021.

Message from Kevin Huang

Kevin currently serves as our VIP Chair for 2023-2024



The VIP Speaker Series at The University of Texas at Austin is one of the nation's foremost executive speaker series. An event dedicated to highlighting the views, insights, and perspectives of accomplished and inspiring business leaders, students are given the opportunity to learn from some of the most prominent speakers in modern business and nonprofit operations ... Our previous speakers have ranged from business titans in the world of finance to nonprofit visionaries. Industry spread is a major focus of the VIP Speaker Series ensuring students from every corner of UT Austin are able to appreciate our speakers.



TALKs Speakers

TALKs are presentations by current University of Texas professors and faculty about the latest trends in their industries and work experiences.

Past TALKs Speakers

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Dr. Kristie Loescher

Dr. Loescher is a Senior Lecturer in the McCombs School of Business. She came and spoke about the American healthcare system.

find out about some of our past TALKs speakers

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Doug McMahon M.D.

Doug McMahon came and spoke to McCombs about about the sustainability of energy in the United States and international. 


Dr. Andrew Whinston

Dr. Whinston came and spoke about the future of cryptocurrency. He is the co-author or co-editor of 23+ books and 250+ articles. 

Ella currently serves as our TALKs Chair for 2023-2024

Message from Ella Meyer


TALKs is one of the coolest events ... at all of UT. At a school like UT, we are lucky to learn from such great professors in the classroom. However, there's often a disconnect between classroom learning and real-world application. TALKs aims to bring in speakers, both academic and professional, to share research or expertise on a topic to take learning even further out of the classroom ... TALKs helps students from every school at UT learn more about an interdisciplinary topic they are passionate about from experts in the field. 



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