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Our programming, led by McCombs students for ALL McCombs students, aims to foster connections among students and faculty of the McCombs School of Business, enhancing the UT community and enriching student life while also providing opportunities for exploring career paths to support students in their career development.


The VIP Speakers Series brings industry leaders to the UT campus, offering students valuable insights and advice through fireside chats and open floor Q&A sessions, dedicated to showcasing inspiring business leaders. (RSVP required)

Message from Kevin Huang

Kevin currently serves as our VIP Chair for 2023-2024



The VIP Speaker Series at The University of Texas at Austin is one of the nation's foremost executive speaker series. An event dedicated to highlighting the views, insights, and perspectives of accomplished and inspiring business leaders, students are given the opportunity to learn from some of the most prominent speakers in modern business and nonprofit operations ... Our previous speakers have ranged from business titans in the world of finance to nonprofit visionaries. Industry spread is a major focus of the VIP Speaker Series ensuring students from every corner of UT Austin are able to appreciate our speakers.


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Career Focused Programming


The VISIT program organizes physical visits to a diverse array of companies in the Austin area, providing students with firsthand exposure to different industries and professional opportunities while fostering networking connections. (Brief application process)

Company Field Trip

McCombs students travel to New York City to explore an array of corporations, each offering unique professional development and networking opportunities. These experiences are curated across different tracks, enabling students to immerse themselves in specific industries during their visit. (Brief application process)

Sustainability Symposium

This event highlights sustainability from a business lens, with UBC partnering with the Sustainability Investment Group last year to host panels featuring environmental leaders, professors, and politicians. (RSVP required) 

Fall Case

Fall Case is an annual event where students engage in a week-long case competition, demonstrating problem-solving, teamwork, and presentation abilities for the chance to win a cash prize provided by a sponsoring company. (Brief application process)

Academic Programming


DINE serves as a forum for students and faculty to come together over a provided meal, encouraging dialogue and relationship-building opportunities in a casual setting​. (RSVP not required, join us at your convenience.)


TALKs is a speaker series led by professors that stands out for its unique blend of perspectives offering fresh insights and diverse viewpoints thanks to the combination of academic expertise and real-world experience shared by the speakers. (RSVP required)

MBA for a Day

Offers undergraduate students a chance to shadow graduate UT students during their class lectures for a day. Mentees have the opportunity to participate in classes and attend student organization meetings alongside their graduate mentors. (Brief application process)

Town Hall

Town Hall is a platform provided by the business school where students can voice their opinions, engage in discussions, and address concerns regarding various aspects of the school's operations and policies in an open and inclusive manner. (RSVP not required, join us at your convenience.)​

Student Life Programming

McCombs Kickoff

McCombs Kickoff is an event held at the start of the school year, designed to familiarize new McCombs students with the school through guided tours, panel discussions, and various other activities facilitated by current students. (RSVP required)

Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week provides students with on-campus resources to improve their mental well-being. Additionally, UBC hosts events to engage in relaxing activities that foster healthy self-care habits during a week in the spring semester.

Donut Days

Donut Days enable members of the Representative Program to better identify potential concerns among the student body of McCombs, ensuring that we continue to improve the quality of our events and that we remain directly connected with the students that we represent. (RSVP not required, join us at your convenience.) 

Other Programming



Review a Past Event

Let us know how we can improve our events and what you enjoyed the most about them!

Suggest a Future Event

If you have an event idea that we can help bring to life, reach out to us!

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